Generation Y, a brief and personal perspective

I’ve been having a lot of discussions in the past years with other generations (I’m a « Y »). A lot of research, studies, posts and books have been written about us. I won’t write here about all the bizarre things I’ve read. What I’ll try to do is send a couple of messages in a point form fashion (first thing to know is that we’re result-oriented…):
– For us, loyalty is a two-way thing…
– Hard work is good, when it has a purpose.
– 100 hours a week is not healthy (and by the way, we don’t believe you’re productive 100% of those hours. we prefer to be always productive in less time and yes, have a life…)
– Our work has to have a meaning.
– We don’t want to be managed nor lead, we want to be inspired.
– We try to apply what other generations showed us in our studies…

I would surely appreciate if other « Y » would add to this post about their perception and behavior. Hopefully other generations will participate. I’ve been saying Varela’s definition of communication alot recently: « la co-construction d’un monde commun au moyen d’actions conjugués (sorry, I can’t yet find the correct words for « actions conjugués » to translate it). So we need to understand intergenarationnal gaps to work together to create a greater good.


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